Our Bespoke Apparel Sourcing Process

Livingstone International works with clients with a wide range of experience in sourcing bespoke apparel with minimum order quantities starting at 500 units per design. Regardless of whether you are brand new to overseas apparel sourcing or highly experienced we are able to create a tailor-made solution to meet your bespoke clothing requirements. Our sourcing process is made up of 5 key stages as follows:

Stage 1 - Initial Apparel Design & Information

Providing the information required on our Editable Enquiry Form, design drawings and PDF artworks will enable us to select the right factories for your product. Once we have received this information we will send the details to the relevant factories for initial costings, minimum order quantities, and sample/bulk production lead-times. As we deal with multiple factories around the world we may give more than one option for you to review.

We aim to have initial quotations back to you within 5-7 working days although this may take longer if there are any points the factories need clarification on or due to local holidays in the various regions we source from.

Any changes to the product specifics will need to be re-submitted to the factories for re-costing.

Stage 2 - Apparel Sampling

Once you have selected the most suitable factory option offered we are then ready to proceed to initial sampling. The initial samples will be produced using fabric and trims that the factory has available and will not be exact matches to your fabric or colour requirement.

The initial sample is for you to approve the design, fit and artworks. If we are pantone matching colours then lab-dips will be provided for you to approve.

The sampling time-frame will vary from factory to factory but will have been advised on the initial quotations provided and will only come into effect once you have given us the go-ahead to start the process.

Stage 3 - Bulk Order Placement & Apparel Production

Once the samples have been received and approved we can then move forward with the ordering process. Final prices will be confirmed subject to any changes in exchange rates/shipping costs etc.

Payment terms will be agreed prior to the order being placed. These will vary from client to client subject to order values etc. Deposits will be required and will vary in value as these are done by an order to order and client to client basis.

Once payment terms have been agreed a sales contract will be supplied for you to sign and arrange the deposit payment so the order can be confirmed to the relevant factory. At this point the bulk lead-times will come into effect. Please note that these may have changed from the initial quotation subject to local and national holidays in the manufacturing country.

All lead-times are initially quoted by sea-freight and prices supplied are fully delivered prices to a single address. This includes factors such as shipping, duties and customs clearances. VAT will need to be applied where applicable. If you require all or part of the goods delivered by air-freight, quotations can be provided but final charges can only be confirmed once an air-freight has been booked as these rates can change daily.

Pre-production samples of your bespoke apparel will be supplied once all the approved fabrics and trims have been received at the factory. These will need final approval before production can be completed.

Stage 4 - Bulk Apparel Shipment

Once the production has been completed by the factory, Livingstone International staff will carry out a final AQL inspection of the goods to ensure they are correct prior to shipping. Please note that there is an industry standard tolerance of +/- 5% on the amount of goods shipped against the amount of goods ordered.

Once the goods have been shipped by Sea, Air or Road freight (depending on factory location and option chosen) we will be able to advise an estimated date of delivery subject to customs clearances and weather.

Stage 5 - Delivery of your Bespoke Apparel

When the goods arrive in the destination country and have cleared customs we will then be able to advise a specific date for delivery to your nominated address. We will also supply you at this stage with a detailed packing list. Final invoices will be supplied to you dated on the day of delivery.

Your design. Your Colours. Your Label. Your Product.

Your Global Apparel Sourcing Solution.

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