Our Ethical Policy

As an ethically responsible company, Livingstone International Ltd (LI) will only source products from vendors and suppliers that share the company’s adherence to high legal, ethical and moral standards. Our aim is to create and encourage the creation of model operations that provide good jobs at fair wages and also improve conditions in the communities that our business partners operate.

All vendors, suppliers and business partners are expected to comply with LI Business Partner Guidelines and to assure compliance in all contracting, subcontracting or other relationships. In establishing these principles, LI is effectively exercising its economic leverage with business partners to encourage their full compliance with laws designed to protect their employees and support the highest standards of business conduct.

These business partner guidelines have been developed to ensure consistent compliance by all business partners. LI recognise that the business partner guidelines will also assist our management teams in selecting business partners that follow work place standards and practices consistent with our own business standards.

View our full Business Partner Guidelines by clicking here.

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