What is your minimum order?

The minimum order or MOQ will vary depending on the product type and the manufacturing facility and will be advised on a project by project basis. Typically our factory MOQ's will start at 500 units per product, per design.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Every project and product is different. Lead-times can vary from approx. 70 days to 10 days once an order is confirmed. Please note that time will be required for pricing and sampling stages of development before the production can be confirmed.

What are your payment terms?

Payment terms will be advised once all costings have been agreed and will be subject to the overall value of the order and credit worthiness of the client.

Can you help me to design my products?

We can offer assistance based on initial discussions, sketches or samples to help in designing your products although we are not a full design agency.

Where are your manufacturing facilities?

Turkey, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Pakistan are where most of our manufacturing takes place. We will help to identify which facility is best suited for your product based on product type, quantities required and requested delivery dates.

What are the delivery charges?

Costs will vary depending on program specifics. All charges are agreed in advance so there are no hidden or unexpected extras.

Can I visit your factories?

We can arrange visits to our manufacturing facilities upon request.

Can I visit your offices?

You are welcome to visit our UK office by prior appointment to discuss how we can assist you with your projects and if required we can also come to you.

What is your inspection process?

Every production line is set up with QC monitors to ensure consistency in the manufacturing of your products. We use international standard AQL (Accpetable Quality Level) checking on the packaged goods prior to them leaving the factory.

Can I receive samples?

Samples can be provided once the initial designs and costings have been approved. Samples will be made in available fabrics and colours for design and workmanship approval along with lab-dips and strike-offs for colour and decoration approvals.

What are your costs?

Costs will vary from project to project as we are making each product to your individual requirements. There may be sample charges on occasion from different manufacturing facilities and these are payable in advance of aranging the samples.

Can you provide independent testing reports?

We can arrange independent testing on products from leading testing houses such as Intertek and SGS. Costs can be advised once we identify the testing required for each project.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

Our Terms & Conditions can be viewed by clicking here.

Do you have an ethical policy?

Our company ethical policy can be viewed here.

Is there any type of product you cannot source?

All of our sourcing is based on textile based products. With regards to decoration we will not source anything that is used to advertise Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Gambling or Adult Entertainment.

How do you ship products?

We can ship be Sea Freight, Air Freight or Road Trucking depending on the location of the factory and your requirements.

Do you have a catalogue available?

As products are produced to each clients own requirements we don't have a stock catalogue to choose from. You can view examples of products we have sourced in our gallery.

Who is responsible for customs clearances and duty payments?

We handle all aspects of customs clearance and duties and these are included in you per unit price for each product.

How do you accept payments?

Payments can be made via Bank Transfer. Account details will be advised on your invoices and sales contracts.

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