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Handy Tips for Sourcing Bespoke and Custom Apparel

Developing bespoke apparel can be a difficult process but this shouldn’t stop you from trying and Livingstone international is here to help you every step of the way. We have years of experience in developing and sourcing custom apparel for large multi-national household names as well as new start-up brands looking to tap into emerging markets. The following 3 tips should give you a good base to start your bespoke apparel development and will also help us when choosing the right manufacturing location for your requirements.


Research is key to understanding where your target market is and who your competitors are. First of all, which product are you looking to launch and who are the players in your market? What are they doing right and is there something they are missing that your product can provide? This will help you and us to focus on certain criteria when developing your custom apparel. Understanding your market will help us set achievable targets at every stage of the process.


Now that you have an idea as to where your target market is for your product it’s time to start looking at the costs to see if your idea can become a reality. You know the market and what the product requirements are but can you make a decent profit? Factories will have minimum order requirements that will vary depending on fabric, colour and accessories and this will differ from one manufacturing location to another and one factory to the next. Livingstone International will help to identify the best source for your apparel based on many factors which include the fabric, design, decoration, and when you need the finished product in your warehouse. Once we have identified the best factory we will then be able to supply you with the costs. Our initial costs will be supplied DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) which means that we handle all aspects including production, inspection, shipping, customs and duties which means less headaches for you.


Bespoke apparel development and sourcing is a team effort with many parts and people involved usually in different parts of the world where time-zones and language barriers can become an issue. Communication is key to making it work smoothly. Having a great team behind you will make the process run efficiently and that is where Livingstone can help. We have our own people on the ground in each of our manufacturing locations which helps us to overcome these obstacles to ensure that you get the right product every time.

Doing your research, understanding your numbers and keeping in regular communication will help to ensure your project moves forward and will greatly increase the chances of your idea becoming a reality. Let Livingstone International open the world of apparel sourcing to you today.

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